Monday, February 2, 2009

DeAr DiArY

Dear Diary, I felt so happy and had a tingling feeling in my stomach it was like butterfly's was in me i decided to call him my brother because we was so close with each other i love him so much but i cant tell him. Mark thought that Sal did not want him hence he's a fat slob and that's not true but Sal is not like that.Because i think he really needs him more than I do Because he was not feeling well.I think that lady that put me in the corner is a bitch i don't like he she is mean why would she hit me like that it brought back memories of all the times that me and mark had. I miss him so much i wonder if he's okay or doing fine if he's in the hospital or nurces office I want him to know i love him so much and i don't want him to for get me i hope he's fine

love always ,

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