Monday, June 1, 2009

shanette johnson.

It was fun to work in a group because we will have fun. 
The best part is that when we argue for apart then after we are going to have to work back together so no need to be mad. 
The worst part about working alone i that your gonna try to make the imovie funny but yet you can't because your alone.
For me its to stop laughing and making them laugh.
We actually made it funny and fun so our video can be interesting.
I would tell them make it funny but yet don't be a follower.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

shanette johnson

center 2

How do you feel about using IMOVIE? What the the best part about creating the movie with your group? When you showed you video in class yesterday, how did your classmates react? What feedback did they give you? After showing your video, what changes do you feel you need to make (list at least 3 changes)?I like using imovie because we get 2 have so much fun and the good part about it we get 2 choose our bestfriends.

How do you feel about the other videos that you saw? Do you think your video is the best, why or why not? Who's video did you enjoy the most, why? What advice do you have for a student from another school who has never used IMovie? If someone has never read Monster before, do you think they will understand what you're talking about when looking at your film?I think some of them need alot of work.

You have several weeks to make your film incredible. How do you plan to improve your film?No comment

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why do i have to think about a career now?

I think we are thinking about careers now because when i grow up we have to think what we are going to do in our life. Instead of waisting time when i get older to think what job i want or if i was a person who gets all f's for everything and then worry about it when i get older and they don't want to except me.I think this project is going to help me a lot. Yes i have thought about my future. have you?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Name call

Write a 3 paragraph blog about how name-calling affects people.
How powerful is the language that we use? Very powerful because everyday i hear people calling each others whores.Why do people call each other names? Because sometimes they don't like each other. How often do you call people names? All i say is dieshell got a big head and small body. Do you think about how the person might feel when you call them the name? after when she start saying shut up.How often do you see others being called name? Almost everyday. Is there anyone in your school who is teased for being Gay? Yes. How do you think people feel when they are constantly teased? Bad about there self and feel like killing there self.
Why does Petrocelli call Steve a "Monster"? They call steve a monster because he robbed the store and killed some one. What metaphors do you compare people to when you name call? How does Steve feel about being called a monster? He feels bad about being called a monster. What does he doe after he is called a monster? He writes it down in his book.Do you think Steve feels like a monster? Yes.Do you think Steve is a monster? No. Do you think he is innocent or guilty? Innocent.
Do you think the jury sees Steve as a monster? Yes. If you were on the jury would you think Steve was a monster? Why? why not? No because no one knows who killed the guy so wait until you get evidence. Why did Steve title his book monster? Because every body is calling him monster so he thinks he is one when i think hes NOT.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1st paragraph-
The game that I enjoyed the most was called Allien punctuation. In this game I studied the following skills That all you have to do is fix the punctuation. In order to win this game I had to fix all the lower case letters. The thing I enjoyed most about this game was when the alien kept smiling when i win. My partner was loosing. (State whether you or your partner won). To play this game go to this link i won my partner lost .

2nd paragraph-
The game that I enjoyed the 2nd most was called pirates spelling. In this game I studied the following skills all you have to do is click the letters. In order to win this game I had to make sure the sentence was right or else i will loose. The thing I enjoyed most about this game was the pirate kept smiling because i was winning. My partner was loosing. (State whether you or your partner won). To play this game go to this link my partner was loosing.

The game that I least enjoyed was called what is a metaphor. In this game I studied the following skills it was hard. In order to win this game I had to it was like a test. The thing I least enjoyed about this game was __________. My partner was winning. (State whether you or your partner won). To play this game go to this link____________.

Monday, March 23, 2009

There once was a girl named die shell.
Who ate cheese burgers until she hurls.
But the cheese burger turned ,
To be food poisoning .
They were throw up allover her beautiful purple shirt.

My "Big Day" Poem

Going to see dad

smiling,hugging,things to do

oh my gosh he came