Tuesday, May 12, 2009

shanette johnson

center 2

How do you feel about using IMOVIE? What the the best part about creating the movie with your group? When you showed you video in class yesterday, how did your classmates react? What feedback did they give you? After showing your video, what changes do you feel you need to make (list at least 3 changes)?I like using imovie because we get 2 have so much fun and the good part about it we get 2 choose our bestfriends.

How do you feel about the other videos that you saw? Do you think your video is the best, why or why not? Who's video did you enjoy the most, why? What advice do you have for a student from another school who has never used IMovie? If someone has never read Monster before, do you think they will understand what you're talking about when looking at your film?I think some of them need alot of work.

You have several weeks to make your film incredible. How do you plan to improve your film?No comment

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